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In keeping with the Ultra brand name, we're now proud to provide the Ultra Music Library. Sometimes you've just got to have electronic music and you've got to have it now.

The Ultra Music Library offers a one-stop shop for all of your electronic and dance music needs. We have music from all genres of Electronic Dance Music including new and emerging sub-genres such as House, Electro, Deep House, Progressive House, Dub-Step, Experimental, Trap, Chill Out, Drum & Bass, Indie Electronic, Tropical House, and more.



Ultra Music Library Placement Highlights

JA!DEN "Turn It Up" in an episode of the smash hit Glee

JA!DEN "Turn It Up" in an episode of the Cinemax drama Banshee

JA!DEN "Bass Up Treble Down," "The Escape," "Raw," and "Radio" all featured in an episode of the television series Orphan Black

JA!DEN "Bass Up Treble Down" featured in an episode of RUNAWAYS (See the episode here.)

Jay-J "Razor Burn" in an episode of CBS's The Good Wife

Jay-J "String Theory," Killgore "Organ Grinder," Ezra Surowicz "Boomsauce," and Emmanuel Mijares & Anthony Craig Meyer "Crazy" are all featured in the film Starlet

Guillermo Silberstein "Un Cuatro" in an episode of the television show Montecito

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