Ultra Music Publishing sign Max Joni

Ultra Music Publishing sign Max Joni

NEWS | 10/07/2014

Max Joni

The Berlin native began as a Hip Hop producer and Rapper. After several years full of tapes and Rap jams, Max began to establish himself more and more as a hook singer. From building beats he started more and more to compose. 2010 he began to work at the company audioforce GmbH as a composer, singer and producer. He works in his own studio in Berlin- Beat - together with his partner Dennis Scheffel (Dayne S). They are currently working together with some electro artists: M.A.N.D.Y., Mantu, Daniele di Martino. 

Increasingly, Max is working on his artist career - Max Joni - and wants to establish itself in the electro and pop scene. For the future he will integrate live performances into live sets. The style of his productions and compositions is characterized by a strong topline and a distinctive vocal. The city, urban life and the contrasts of Berlin inspires him as well as the sounds of the 80s. 

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