ULTRA signs artist Dennis Scheffel p.k.a. DAYNE S.

ULTRA signs artist Dennis Scheffel p.k.a. DAYNE S.

NEWS | 10/07/2014


In a short space of time, German Dj, producer, comedian, pilot and guitarist Dayne S has turned a lot of heads thanks to his unqiue take on electronic music. He fell in love with the disco scene in his hometown during his teenage years. From there the next step was to start to DJing and now, in 2014, Dayne S is gathering more and more attraction by playing all over the world in countries like, Peru, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Germany and more. 

The music he makes for labels like Stil Vor Talent, OFF, Noir and Semester have topped charts at both Beatport and DecksRecords. His versatile style ranges from slow and sultry, electronic blues, to more kicking and peak time. 

The future looks bright for Dayne, having had a No 1 Single in the Beatport's Genre Charts for more than 15 weeks. Rolling Stone Magazine impressively named him as an "artitst you need to know for the future". 


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