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There is a new phenomenon from Sweden. It’s a DJ duo. They became superstars in a year. Here is their story. Rebecca & Fiona enter the booth and get in charge of the decks. These DJ partners are a sensation. Using vocal, mixing and choreography they drive the crowd wild with excitement. On a musical, physical and literal level. “We are the luminary ones…”. We believe them!

Why do these 2 DJs feel so rare? Simply because they are! Rebecca & Fiona’s magnetism, musical ability and sex appeal infused in the format of female DJ duo are new to the world. Rebecca & Fiona possess the X factor.

The break through smash hit LUMINARY ONES was released in 2010. Followed by BULLETS. A dance floor knock out and big radio tune. BULLETS displays Rebecca Scheja 23, and Fiona Fitzpatrick 26, music well. Irresistibly catchy, heavily beat oriented with lovable vocals, it’s dance pop at it’s most superlative. Perhaps Robyn is their lone contender in the arena. However. The Swedish Grammy Award for best electronic/dance 2011 went to R & F…

Their debut album I LOVE YOU, MAN! (2011) received a warm welcome by critics. With its’ irresistible pop melodies, electronic beats and epic style it pushed them further into people’s minds.

Scandinavian radio programmers, critics and DJs are convinced. DJ Tiësto and Kaskade, two of the biggest DJs in the world, have saluted the duo and incorporated the girls in their work. Yes, Rebecca & Fiona will surely enter Billboard sooner than later. Noteworthy though are the dedicated fans. In terms of crossover undertakings it is no other force than fan love that has led the way. The amount of dedicated fans required the music establishment to consider the girls genuinely and seriously.

2011 Rebecca & Fiona have been impressively productive. They’ve managed to put 5 hit singles in the charts and an album in stores. Rebecca & Fiona have been playing almost nonstop in 2011. Touring Sweden, Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Behind Scheja’s and Fitzpatrick’s seemingly wild and zany personalities lies a great sense of sharp humor and sympathetic self distance. However conscious of their public manifestation Rebecca & Fiona are by nature picky pickers. Like truly talented performers being very much aware of what make masses tick, they too will direct the crowd in the direction of their desire. The charming duo manages to use their group dynamic to sustain drama and intensity during the performance. To witness Rebecca & Fiona transcend creativity and musical explosiveness as a team is fascinating! Pushing their energies and the crowd to heights of mere ecstasy.

In order to sustain their DJ set they are obliged to listen to excessive amounts of music. It puts them in an intense relationship with contemporary nightclub sounds. With this said, knowing what’s on the general music menu open up for an ability to arrange ingredients and set up recipes to make an awesome dance music stew.

Reckless, loud, fun and not dwelling too much on life’s sufferings. Rebecca & Fiona’s open mind and absence of prestige make them a welcome contribution to the scene. But it’s not all sun and blue skies. Breaking grounds in a male dominated field has caused Rebecca & Fiona to asset the political power of role models. Not voiced explicitly by the artists themselves but simply as qualities of their beings and doings, Rebecca & Fiona carry with them a set of modern standards. Women and men are inspired to join and celebrate a new world order where 2 young, good looking girls dictate the rules of the dance floor.

Pop icons come in many different shapes. The legends often as utterly fresh inventions. Like we embraced underground artists such as M.I.A, Peaches, Björk and even Madonna in her very early days, and watched them grow and evolve. Two amazing artists have arrived. As an original twosome for us to absorb and digest Rebecca & Fiona are not to be overlooked! Watch them mature into full size stardom and bright musical personalities. It’s still early days. Stay put. The show has just begun.

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Rebecca & Fiona "Hard (John Dahlbäck Remix)"
Album: If She Was Away / Hard
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Electrified, Engaged, Sexy
Rebecca & Fiona "If She Was Away (SStyle Of Eye If She Was A Rave Dub Remix)"
Album: If She Was Away / Hard
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Action, Electrified, Sultry
Rebecca & Fiona "If She Was Away"
Album: If She Was Away / Hard
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Calm, Chill, Happy
Rebecca & Fiona "If She Was Away (Adrian Lux & Blende Remix)"
Album: If She Was Away / Hard
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Action, Alive, Riled
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