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the things that shape shift all of us? music. life. love. weather. all when severe are uncontrollably beautiful and dangerous.

That’s not the usual album description, but it’s how Shiny Toy Guns keyboardist/co-founder Jeremy Dawson defines his band’s sophmore record and mission statement : Season of Poison.

“It’s a sonic fusion of words and melodies that reflect things not controlled by humans,” says Dawson, a Shawnee, Oklahoma native and avid tornado chaser (more on that later). “It’s about things that are life-altering ­ something that creates permanent change. Like the atmosphere ­ there’s some beautifully intense, severe weather in the Midwest ­ we stay alive by standing inspired and informed. We write music to support lives, we intercept storms and tornadoes to save them.”

When Dawson and writing partner and lead singer Chad Petree are not touring the world with Shiny Toy Guns the pair comb the farm roads and county highways in pursuit of some of the worlds most violent thunderstorms, in a retrofitted van more technologically advanced with more radar and emergency equipment than most news stations, fire departments or the National Weather Service can boast of. Days and nights during the spring are spent dodging grapefruit sized hailstones while pulling vehicles out of rivers and administering first aid to storm victims as first responders for the American Red Cross and the SKYWARN storm chase team. Not the typical rock band behavior? This is not your typical rock band.

Rewind. Enter 2004 : : Shiny Toy Guns record their debut album “We are Pilots” on a $800 Dell computer…and without a label or manager the band armed themselves with 4 laptops and a passion for music and created a global internet hype machine that painted their music across the canvas of the world. Even touring Europe and England on their own dime, the shinys defied all rules and protocol of the music industry by literally putting out their own record and marketing plan single handedly. An instant record label feeding frenzy ensued, and the band chose to link with Universal Motown Records who brought the group to New York to re-record their album for a national release in October of 2006. Swiftly the first single, the addictive dance/rock anthem “Le Disko” was impossible to escape from, pelting the airwaves across the United States and Can ada on conventional radio while spanning television and film and commercials across the world. Leading the Verizon Wireless Campaign for the popular Razr phone and Honda’s new Prelude car, Le Disko became a commercial magnet as well as a massive underground club hit and a modern rock American single. Singles 2 and 3 were completely different songs, ‘You Are The One” and ‘Rainy Monday” ..both of which opened new demographic windows because of their natural uniqueness and difference in sound. Chameleon? Absolutely.

See Shiny Toy Guns takes everything from the electronic dance floor and smashes it from the inside of driving guitar rock … and if this wasn’t a perfect marriage the group couples a vocal delivery defying the sex of humans .. an equal lead vocal role is shared both male and female. Live the band is second to none, choosing to line the parameters of every venue with the latest technology in lighting and special effects instead of their pockets. The band has amassed a laundry list of equipment that they will bring into your living room as fast as a 7,000 seat amphitheater.

Notorious for standing behind their fans and their visions rather than music business bureaucracy, The Shinys continue to globe trot their anthemic as they poise themselves for the campaign of their new album “Season of Poison”.

Work on Season of Poison actually started while the band was on its three-year tour to promote Pilots. Early in 2008, the band added new co-vocalist/synth and bass player Sisely Treasure after former member Carah Faye left the band and moved to Sweden to pursue other interests. Ironically Sisely was the bands original choice of co-lead vox back in 2002; but was unable to be in the group due to her contractual obligations with her previous band Cooler Kids then signed to Dreamwerks Records.

Season of Poison takes the robot-rock of the band’s early work and jacks it in a number of new directions. “Ricochet!,” the album’s first single, features a stoner-rock riff layered with back-and-forth vocals of Treasure and Petree. It’s a little like an electro-fied, sexed up Queens of the Stone Age. “We wanted to come out with this shock and awe moment,” says Dawson. “We’re a rock band as much as a dance band, and we wanted to show that. With “Ricochet!” it was time to turn up the fire.”

This aggressive nature also rears its head in “Where Did the Storm Begin”, an epic rocker that mixes a haunting bass line with Treasure’s sung/rapped lines, and in “Ghost Town,” which roars along like a jacked-up Siouxse and the Banshees. But there’s also a calm within the eye of the record’s tempest, as evidenced by the piano-tinged “I Owe You a Love Song” and “Frozen Oceans,” a synth-laden ballad that exudes a warmth rarely found in electronic music.

In 2009 a Season of Poison it will be … from the limelight of the music industry to the flood lights of television as the band alongside a few of their closest friends will be shooting SEASON OF POISON .. a docu-drama reality show capturing their dynamic race against time and lives as they chase dark clouds to send sirens spinning across the great plains of Tornado Alley.

Shiny Toy Guns sits among the pioneers of the dance/rock sound and has been one of the few acts to ever take something underground and successfully blend into modern rock radio and major commercial media. Their future lies directly in front of them, a future-forwarded journey that will earmark a page for many others to read as an act who dares to constantly bend and contort, change and re-arrange until simply comfortable and brilliant.

You’ll have to run to catch them live, or read their twitter. For this band of zeros and ones vs. guitars and heroes is in a constant race for perfection.
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Shiny Toy Guns "Rocketship 2010 (Starkillers Original Mix)"
Album: Rocketship 2010
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Flirty, Hopeful, Pumped
Shiny Toy Guns "Rocketship 2010 (Starkillers Dub)"
Album: Rocketship 2010
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Enthralled, Party, Pumped
Instrumental: Yes
Shiny Toy Guns "Rocketship 2010 (Radio Edit)"
Album: Rocketship 2010
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Emotional, Loved, Sympathetic
Shiny Toy Guns "Major Tom (Coming Home) (Adam K & Soha Radio Edit)"
Album: Major Tom (Coming Home)
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Action, Aggressive, Alive, Enthralled
Instrumental: Yes
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