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Having your first single snapped up by the world’s number one DJ, Paul van Dyk, for his Vandit label, and then being asked to collaborate on a single (Crush) for his Grammy-nominated album, would be a pipe dream for most artists. But for Second Sun, aka Antoine and Adam, this was merely the start of their meteoric rise to fame in the dance music scene – the duo has now remixed everyone from The Shapeshifters to Sander Kleinenberg and Antoine even lent his vocals to Sharam’s (Deep Dish) massive hit record Party All The Time.

A quick glance at their CVs however, and it seems immediately obvious these boys were destined for musical success. Second Sun’s aurally sublime, meticulously produced tracks stem from backgrounds in both classical and rock music, taking the best elements of both to create the most satisfyingly feel-good music you’ll ever hear. Antoine’s Depeche Mode-influenced vocals swell over fantastic beats and electronic chords so engrossing you’ll forget your own name and dance til dawn.

Heavyweight supporters across both the trance and house scenes are testament to Second Sun’s ability to weave a tune so aurally appealing they’re a staple in any self-respecting DJ’s crate – their remix of Sharam’s PATT turned up on Pete Tong’s ‘Essential Selection’ Radio 1 show only 24 hours after its completion and their remix of Queen’s “Another one Bites the Dust” (Positiva/EMI Records) dominated Miami’s WMC 2006.

But don’t think this is just another DJ/producer combo… Second Sun are out and out artists and you’ll never find them behind the decks – instead, the duo are more likely to be rocking a live gig for 15,000 people with keyboards, and Antoine’s signature live vocals.

The Montreal-born, Miami-based pair were both obsessed with music from a young age; Antoine started to play classical music from age 7, studying at music school, before getting into rock music and finally discovering dance music in a revelatory rave moment aged 14. Adam, a fellow musician more focused on the technical side – drumming, computers – was working at a Montreal music store when Antoine dropped in to buy a bit of kit for his continuing forays into dance music. The pair’s shared interest in the genre resulted in their first instrumental track, passed by Antoine to PvD at a Twilo gig, bagging them a record deal and an appearance on the DJ’s album, as well as three further singles on Vandit, ‘Empire’, ‘The Spell’ and ‘Playground’ which claimed numerous spins and spots on countless compilations.

“There weren’t that many people making electronic dance music in Montreal so there was a connection straight away,” says Antoine of his chance meeting with Adam. “We set about defining our sound, figuring out how to integrate our music and not sound like everybody else. When I first heard rave music I’d been feeling limited by the sounds we could make playing in a rock band with only guitar, drums, and vocals. When I discovered dance music everything changed. Having all that equipment you can really create a soundscape and emotions. I had to re-learn how to make music almost, and how to incorporate rock music. Our sound now is the result of a lifetime of passionate music making and discovering how to do it.”

Debut artist album, Union Square, is the culmination of this sound, and Second Sun’s musical heritage has spawned a body of solid, energetic music, with a big crowd, anthemic feel that lends itself as perfectly to a stadium gig environment as a club dancefloor. “Classical music has so many different elements that have to come in perfectly, which is why it’s so close to dance music,” says Antoine, “whereas in rock it’s like 4 main elements. With dance, everything has to be perfect timing-wise. But I wanted to integrate rock-influenced vocals to make it sound more profound.”

Once the boys had perfected their hybrid sound and seen it tear up dancefloors at the hands of the DJing elite, the next step was to figure out how to do it live and get the kick of actually performing. The resulting performances have reinvigorated the scene, leading URB magazine to dub Second Sun “clubland’s newest superstars”. Now the duo hits the stage every weekend playing shows in the US, Canada and Europe.

“Balance is what makes us completely happy in life,” says the duo. “We play every weekend and just came back from gigs in Brazil and Argentina, but when we’re in Miami we spend 12 hours a day in the studio. It can get very long with loads of detail, and the weekend is the complete opposite – crazy energy, crowds of 15,000 people, and seeing them respond to what we make in the studio. We could have just stayed in the studio and the underground but we really wanted to go further and make great house music, trance music, take everything we’ve learned since we were kids and make it all our own.” Second Sun are rising and as hot as their name – check out for more news of their productions, gigs and remixes. Sally Learmouth
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Second Sun "Golden"
Album: The Lost Weekend
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Dark, Odd, Restless, Rowdy
Second Sun "Lonely After All"
Album: The Lost Weekend
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Dark, Devious, Edgy, Tense
Second Sun "Intro"
Album: The Lost Weekend
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Dark, Odd, Ready, Weird
Instrumental: Yes
Second Sun "Halfway Love"
Album: The Lost Weekend
Genres: Dance, Electronic
Moods: Aggressive, Dark, Edgy, Loved
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